Why use a Real Estate Text Message Service?

Real estate is an industry that is constantly evolving, and new technologies are continually emerging to help real estate professionals connect with buyers and sellers. One such technology is text message sign riders, which are small signs that are placed on for-sale signs and provide interested parties with a quick and easy way to learn more about a property via text message. Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with using text message sign riders in real estate:
Convenience for buyers
Text message sign riders are incredibly convenient for potential buyers who are interested in learning more about a property. Instead of having to visit a website or make a phone call to get more information, buyers can simply send a text message and receive all the details they need right on their mobile device. This is especially useful for buyers who are on-the-go or who may not have access to a computer at the time they see the sign.
Lead generation for agents
For real estate agents, text message sign riders provide an easy and effective way to generate leads. When a potential buyer sends a text message to the number on the sign, the agent will receive a notification with the buyer's contact information. This allows the agent to follow up with the buyer and provide additional information about the property, potentially leading to a sale.
Increased exposure for properties
Text message sign riders can also help increase exposure for properties. When a potential buyer sends a text message to the number on the sign, they will receive an automated response with details about the property. This response may also include links to additional photos, videos, or virtual tours, which can help pique the buyer's interest and encourage them to schedule a showing.
Easy to set up and use
Text message sign riders are incredibly easy to set up and use. All an agent needs to do is order the sign rider and attach it to the for-sale sign. They can then customize the automated response message to include details about the property and their contact information. From there, the sign does the rest of the work, automatically responding to any incoming text messages and providing potential buyers with the information they need.
Text message sign riders are an incredibly effective and convenient tool for real estate agents and buyers alike. By providing a quick and easy way to learn more about a property, text message sign riders can help generate leads, increase exposure for properties, and make the buying process more convenient for everyone involved.

No More Flyer Boxes

We provide you with codes and sign riders for your listings. When buyers text your code, they get property info and you get their contact info instantly. It's that simple. You can try it yourself by texting '1234' to 415-799-4541 or scanning the QR Code on our sample sign rider:
text: "1234" to: 415-799-4541
For Pictures & Price
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Instant Notification When a Prospect Requests Info

As soon as a prospect texts for more information, you are instantly notified by a text message and/or email containing the prospect's name and phone number. You can follow up immediately, while they're still in front of the property! Your monthly subscription covers all your costs, so you don't need to worry no matter how many leads you get every month!
We integrate seamlessly with a variety of real estate CRMs through the Real Estate Lead Metadata standard. This means that if the receiving agent uses CRMs like FiveStreet, TopProducer, BoomTown, Brivity, Dakno, Follow Up Boss, Hatcher, RealOffice360, Aiva, and Wise Agent, our lead emails are formatted so they can be easily imported into those systems.

Beautiful Mobile Site

We automatically create a mobile friendly website for your listings, and send it right to buyers' phones. They can view details, pricing, photos and more, instantly, anywhere! Plus, your contact info is prominently displayed, so it's easy for buyers to get in touch. Try our example on your mobile phone: www.agenttext.com/1234
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Simple, 5 Minute Setup

Replace your flyers with a reusable text sign rider! Just log in to Agent Text, add basic property info (price, beds, baths, etc), then put your text sign rider in the yard. When the listing sells, just log in and change the property info, move the sign and you're done!

Sign Rider Features

Our text message sign riders can be customized to match your yard signs. They are 100% reusable and are printed on a high quality heavyweight Duraplast plastic. Have an established relationship with a local sign company? No problem. You are not required to buy sign riders from us in order to use our service.
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